COVID-19 Closure Update 03-30-20


We hope you all had a great weekend and your families are experiencing good health. We continue to pray with all of you that those impacted by this virus recover quickly and that our healthcare workers remain strong and courageous to comfort those in need. 

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-27-20


We remain committed to our service to students. It is both our obligation and our privilege to serve students in the Ascension Parish community.

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-26-20


Thank you for making the week go so well. We look forward to one last day of work together before we all enjoy a weekend.

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-25-20


We continue to be proud of the efforts of our employees to support students in a variety of ways. Additionally, we are both grateful and proud of our students and their families who are investing each day to adapt to a new way of learning. I encourage everyone to be patient, continue to send us your feedback, and let us keep working to make this better and better each day. The circumstances we are all experiencing is like never before, but when we overcome them, we want to minimize the long-term impact that could occur if we were to abandon our commitment to education. 

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-24-20


Today marks Day 5 of online instruction. We are still navigating this new academic delivery with you, but we are so proud of the teamwork we have seen by our students, teachers, and our parents -- because we know this could not happen without your partnership!

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-23-20


We are all navigating together how to provide services and maintain relationships under the Stay at Home Order to keep our community safe and healthy.

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-22-20


Today, Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statewide Stay at Home Order. This order is very serious, and we will abide by it.

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-20-20


Our first week of school closures due to COVID-19 was filled with a lot of teamwork and heart as we started this transition to distance learning and "Grab & Go" student meals. We know not everything went perfectly, but we are all committed to working towards ensuring students have opportunities for high-quality learning each day.

COVID-19 Closure Update 03-19-20


Thank you for all that you continue to do as we work through this unprecedented situation.