Dutchtown Primary News

December SOAR Students

December SOAR Students

The teachers at Dutchtown Primary have selected

the SOAR students for December. These students are

selected based on their behavior around campus, and

respect and kindness towards others students and staff.

Each student has received an eagle medal.

Back row L to R:

4th Grade - Brooks Fogle - Mrs. Nylin

3rd Grade - Nekylin Keller - Ms. Carpenter

5th Grade - Kate Campione - Mrs. Gogarty

Front row L to R:

1st Grade - Ava Crochet - Mrs. Tremont

PreK - Liven Lin - Mrs. Stricklin

Kindergarten - Meghan Farve - Mrs. Dena

2nd Grade - Alex Weber - Mrs. Pellichino


Congratulations to all or our SOARing Eagles!