Before we break for the holiday weekend, I would like to give you a quick update on the status of our flood recovery.


Every year, our district produces a Report to the Community, which is our way of keeping you informed about what is taking place in our school system. This year's report will be included in Thursday's editions of The Advocate, Donaldsonville Chief and Gonzales Weekly.


Yesterday, we celebrated the return of St. Amant High School to its campus in both a brand new freshman academy and temporary buildings. This was a major milestone in our district's flood recovery, and I am happy to report that everything ran very smoothly.


I am happy to report that Ascension Public Schools will be recommended for international accreditation by AdvancED. An external review team completed a visit this week and affirmed the hard work of our students, our entire Ascension Parish School Board staff and the Ascension Parish community. In fact, the lead evaluator said our work is leading other schools and systems in the world.


Our ambitious target of moving into temporary buildings on Feb. 3, 2017, is officially delayed. As stated in our video message earlier this month, we experienced weather delays over the holidays that impacted the installation of temporary structures. We have been able to recover some of that lost time, but unfortunately, we are still behind schedule.


Due to the complexity of activities taking place at each campus, we created a Flood Recovery Campus Status Report page on our website so that you can track the specific progress of each school. We will continue to update this webpage as work progresses. Additionally, in response to several inquiries, we created a Frequently Asked Questions page so that you can stay fully informed.


Included in this update is information on AdvancEd Accreditation Visit; Flood Recovery Status Update; 2016 Bond Projects Status Update; and School Board Recognition Month.


We are closing out an unprecedented first semester, and despite obstacles from the Flood of 2016, we are very proud of the progress students have made. We are grateful to all #AscensionStrong staff, School Board Members, and our community for continuing to make education a priority in the lives of children.


Included in this update is information about plans for temporary buildings to relieve the host campus situation and platoon scheduling that currently exist for the five displaced schools. The target date for moving into temporary buildings is Feb. 3, 2016.