Ascension Parish School Board


Ascension Public Schools Rank 3rd in State on Assessments for Grades 3-8


Donaldsonville, La. – Today, the Louisiana Department of Education released school and district results of the 2014-15 PARCC state assessments for grades three through eight. Ascension Public Schools far exceeded the state scores at every level with 52 percent of all third grade through eighth grade students scoring Mastery or Above in English Language Arts (ELA) and 47 percent in mathematics, making Ascension the third best in Louisiana.  


"I am immensely proud of our students, teachers, principals and district leaders for their hard work in adjusting to a new, more rigorous curriculum and new assessment tools. These results clearly show that our students are learning to higher levels and will be better prepared to succeed in an ever-changing world," said Ascension Public Schools Superintendent Patrice Pujol.


A comparison of the 2014-15 PARCC and the 2013-14 LEAP test results revealed a significant increase in high-achieving scores for Ascension Public Schools.  District-wide achievement at Mastery and Above grew 10 percent in mathematics and 12 percent in ELA. According to Ascension's Director of School Improvement, Jennifer Tuttleton, this may be attributed to the differences in test design.  While the LEAP test is primarily multiple choice, the PARCC test had more open-ended questions that allowed students to demonstrate content knowledge.


“Because of our commitment to excellence and higher standards, Ascension students remain top performers ranking third among other districts for the percent of students performing in the top two achievement bands, Mastery and Advanced.  This acknowledgment is affirming given our body of work and that PARCC tasks are more challenging than LEAP questions," said Tuttleton. "We are also looking forward to having the ability to compare our students’ performance to students in other PARCC states.”


Included above and below are the percentage of students that scored at Mastery and Above for each grade level in both ELA and mathematics compared to the state averages.  For more information about the state assessments, visit