Human Resources

Effective educators are at the heart of every school and classroom. Visit https://ldoe.force.com/s/ for information about certification processes and applications.

Certification Portal Steps

  1. Go to Teach LA Live
  2. Click on "Not a Member" if you do not have login credentials
  3. Complete form, when ask for "Community User Type" please select Educator/Ancillary Personnel
  4. Submit registration
  5. Login screen: used the credentials you have created
  6. Click on blank certification forms/applications
  7. Choose package that need to be fill out
  8. Download forms to desktop and save with first initial full last name. DO NOT SUBMIT TO LDOE
  9. Go back to Teach LA Live site and click on payment portal
  10. Follow all the steps to make payment online

Important Final Steps

  • Forward your application and copy of payment via email to Paola Ochoa, Human Resources Specialist - Ascension Public Schools
  • Application must be in PDF format
  • Human Resources will sign your application and forward to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE).

View How-To Guide: Certification Portal How-To Guide