Curriculum of Head Start:

Head Start believes in the self-worth of each child participating in the program, and therefore strives to positively impact their lives.  Through individual screenings (completed within 45 days), the strengths and needs of the child are identified and a plan for learning is developed. Referral may be made based on the results of the screenings. Emphasis is placed on the development of literacy skills. Children engage daily in developmentally appropriate activities, such as reading books, telling stories, singing/reciting songs, poems, and fingerplays. Exposure to letters and numbers are provided in a non-threatening environment.  Fine motor and gross motor skills are included in the daily activities.  Children are given time to explore and to be creative.


Ascension Parish Head Start uses the FrogStreet Threes and FrogStreet Prek curriculum for Early Childhood. Throughout the year, the My Teaching Strategies Gold (MTS Gold), which is correlated to the FrogStreet curriculum is utilized to link the ongoing assessment of the children and the curriculum so that individual needs can be addressed more effectively.


Children attending Head Start are not required to buy supplies for classroom use.  Everything that the child needs is provided by the Head Start program. No booksacks are allowed.  Any personal items (sweaters, coats, mittens, etc.) need to be labeled with the child’s name.


The Ascension Parish School Board does not allow students to wear necklaces or bracelets of any type. Only stud earrings may be worn; dangling earrings are not allowed. Thongs, flip flops, slippers, and camouflage clothing are not allowed. Shoes that enclose the foot and socks are encouraged.