Parent Activities

Every effective Head Start Program realizes that parents are an integral part of the program and must strive to have parents involved. There are a variety of opportunities for parents to contribute to the program.  They include:

a.  Policy Council

Parents have an opportunity to become part of the governing body of Head Start.  They can be an elected representative of the center where their child attends.

The meetings are scheduled according to the decision of the group.

Representation includes:
Policy Council
Ascension Head Start G.W. Carver Primary  Pecan Grove Primary Gonzales Primary  Donaldsonville Primary
2 members 1 member 1 member 1 member 1 member

*Alternates are voted upon at each site.

Operational decisions are made by this group.

  • Funding applications
  • Shared decision making
  • Program planning
  • Program’s philosophy and goals and objectives
  • Defining recruitment, selection and enrollment priorities
  • Annual self-assessment
  • Annual independent audit
  • Program personnel policies
  • In-put to hire or terminate the director of the grantee
  • In-put to hire or terminate persons who work primarily for the Head Start program.

Training is provided for members.

b.  Parent Activity Committees:

Each site has a committee that develops activities for their center.  They also help the teacher coordinate special activities for their center.

  1. Advise staff in developing and implementing local program policies, activities and services.
  2. Plan, conduct, and participate in informal as well as formal programs and activities for parents and staff.
  3. Within the guidelines participate in the recruitment and screening of Head Start staff.

Other Committees:

  • Health Advisory Committee
  • Parent Committee

c.  Volunteering

Parent and grandparent volunteers are always invited to be a part of the everyday activities in the centers.  This is important for the success of the program and also helps to meet the non-federal match required. Volunteers do not take the place of the teacher, but work under his/her supervision. The teaching staff appreciates the help provided by the volunteers.

d.  Home Activities

Some parents cannot volunteer on site but may choose to take on a project at home. Parents should let the teacher know if they are willing to help at home.