Headshot photo of Superintendent David Alexander

David Alexander


Headshot photo of Assistant Superintendent A. Denise Graves

A. Denise Graves

Assistant Superintendent

 Headshot photo of Director Dianne Alison

Diane Allison

Director of Business Services

 Headshot photo of Director Mia Edwards

Mia Edwards

Director of Secondary Education

Director Lynn Hathaway Headshot

Lynn Hathaway

Director of Special Education

 Headshot photo of Director Chad Lynch

Chad Lynch

Director of Planning and Construction

Headshot photo of Director Angie Peraza 

Angie Peraza, Esq.

Director of Human Resources: Benefits and Risk Management

Headshot photo of Director Jake Ragusa 

Jake Ragusa

Director of Technology

Headshot photo of Director Elizabeth Stafford 

Elizabeth Stafford

Director of Primary Schools

 Headshot photo of Public Information Officer Jackie Tisdell

Jackie Tisdell

Public Information Officer

 Headshot photo of Director Edith Walker

Edith Walker

Director of Middle Schools

 Headshot photo of Director Randy Watts

Randy Watts

Director of Human Resources: Personnel